About us

Photography + Art Direction + Set Design

Founded in Lima, Peru by three friends from different disciplines: Mariam Palma (architect), Cinthya Fung (photographer), and Gustavo Gadea (designer) that decided to leave the office to work with what they love the most: hands-on imagery. A studio in which photography, graphic design and styling combine resulting on playful concepts and peculiar visuals; thus why we like to consider it a lab. In essence our goal is to make the images in our head, moving or not, tangible in the real world.

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Art Direction
Social Media Content
Photography Production
Set Design Production
Video and Stop-motion


November 2, 2017
Behance Portafolio Reviews
Lima, PE

September 14, 2017
Ladies, Wine & Design
Lima, PE

February 18-19, 2017
Workshop Imagen & Diseño
Lima, PE

April 16-17, 2016
Barranco Open Studios
Lima, PE